Radiance Icon – First handover during COVID times

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has reiterated the fact that owning an apartment is more advantageous than dealing with the uncertainties of rented accommodations. People are also increasing becoming cognizant of the importance and significance of real estate – as an asset class in their investment basket, also proving to be a reliable investment offering with steady returns compared to other high-risk investments.

Advantage of lowest home loan rates

To support this trend, the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) policy decisions have also encouraged this trend with slash repo rates by 0.75 basis points (bps).  This allows banks to offer the best home loans to its customers. This has resulted in very attractive home loan rates presenting potential home buyers with an opportunity that cannot be missed. The steep slash has brought interest rates on home loans by public and private sector banks to their lowest, around 7%, lowest in over a decade. With these drop-in interest rates, it allows for considerable savings while creating an asset for investment purpose.

Furthermore, the buyers get to use the savings resulting from a reduced pay out of installment (EMI) to avail a top-up loan, which in turn is also available at lower interest rates.

Despite the mild slowdown that the realty sector has been facing in times of COVID-19, the current scenario presents opportunities for buyers to leverage technology and slashed home rates to make their dreams a reality. So, there is no doubt that, it is certainly the best time for those chasing a life goal to own a house, more so for those waiting for the right time to take the plunge. If you’re among them, then wait no more.

Major Handovers for Radiance Icon during the Pandemic

There is a sense of security associated with owning a physical asset during such a crisis has resulted in increased demand. While there have been many opinions and no clear answers on whether you should buy a home now, the pandemic has certainly made people – especially the first-time buyers – realize the importance of homeownership. This alone is a very encouraging sentiment for the realty sector, both from a demand and supply perspective.  We at Radiance on that note, with our 70-year legacy witnessed major handover success, especially virtually even during this pandemic – this proves to show the brand’s success and sentiment with the people of India.

Leveraging Technology for real-time experience

While we realize that home is a tangible asset and people look forward to immersive experiences of a visit and walkthrough, we are also assured now that customers are also open to innovative ways yet experience close to real-life of home purchases. While we have adopted VR, AR and video walkthrough over the years with our NRI buyers, this pandemic has paved way for local absorption as well.

The availability of video walkthroughs and digital inspections has made it very convenient to keep tab of progress during these times for us. State-of-the-art technologies offer very close to real-life experiences which are as close to as it would be in a face to face interaction – be it a virtual tour of the development, interior of the residence or locational nuances of the neighborhood. We are proud to be backed by a digitally sound infrastructure that leverages latest technology to offer all possible conveniences for our customers.

Work from home

We have noticed that the pandemic has pushed people indoors and apartment dwellers have felt the pinch. With poor access to green spaces and high concentration within units, people are looking at investing in a home of their own. Especially in apartment complexes that have good ratio of open space, well maintained and self-sufficient amenities.

With work-from-home now the being the new normal, the importance of having your own quiet place is also becoming increasingly crucial.  With young families opting for ready-to-move in apartments within their budgets, Radiance is becoming an obvious and popular choice even amongst millennial buyers.

With lowest interest rate available, look no further than Radiance that has a history of working within timelines, offering wide inventory of choices with advanced amenities and lifestyle facilities in a prominent neighborhood of south of India.

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