Real Estate Joint Venture

The Land that you have loved for years can now be an Invaluable asset to your Future. We understand that it isn’t merely a tract of Land, but a Rich and Undeniable part of who you are, which is why We promise to value and respect your land while transforming it into an Iconic Structure designed to Maximise your Returns.

Need a Large Plot in Chennai? Then this is the Right Time to consider a Fair and Profitable Joint Venture with Radiance Realty. Offering you exceptional returns on your Plot along with the Promise of Creating something Truly Breath-Taking, Radiance Realty is the Ideal Option. Radiance Realty has Designed and Developed Apartment Buildings as well as Villas in Chennai that have made their mark in this growing Metropolis.

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    The Matchmaker Makes Money

    Radiance Realty offers you the perfect Win Opportunity. Introduce the Radiance Group to your Friends and Family who are looking to sell Land, either in the city or immediately outside it.

    Anyone with 2 grounds or more in the city and 10 grounds or more outside the city is eligible to become a Joint Venture partner with Radiance Realty. The Radiance Group guarantees the Highest Levels of Transparency, Integrity and Building Excellence.

    On the Successful Completion of the JV with the partner and based on your Referral, You stand to make cash of minimum Rs. 5 lakhs. This amount could be much Higher depending on the size of the Land Deal.