Why investing in Valasaravakkam apartments Promises High Returns

Why investing in Valasaravakkam apartments Promises High Returns



Valasaravakkam is witnessing ongoing infrastructure upgrades, including improved roads and drainage systems, further enhancing its appeal. In the buzzing city of Chennai, spotting the perfect blend of strategic location, developing infrastructure, and affordability is a real estate treasure hunt. If you’re on the lookout for a promising investment, Valasaravakkam might top the chart with its scope for potential returns.

Valasaravakkam is strategically located in the western part of Chennai, and it offers a harmonious blend of modern amenities and traditional charm. Known for its well-connected roadways, including prominent routes such as Arcot Road and GST Road, Valasaravakkam provides residents with seamless access to key destinations within the city. The area has witnessed significant infrastructural developments, from improved roads to enhanced drainage systems, making it an increasingly sought-after residential destination.

Radiance Majestic

Radiance Majestic, a project by Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd., is set to redefine modern living in the heart of Valasaravakkam. The project, launched in November 2022, spans 2.5 acres and offers a variety of apartment options – 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK, totalling 234 units. The RERA-compliant development ensures that all necessary approvals are in place, providing investors with the confidence they need.

Amenities That Define Luxury

Radiance Majestic doesn’t just offer living spaces; it provides a lifestyle. There are many facilities, including a well-equipped gymnasium, power backup for uninterrupted living, and a dedicated children’s play area for families. Sports enthusiasts will find their haven with a cricket pitch, cycling and jogging track, and even a golf course within the premises. The inclusion of a business centre and fire sprinklers adds an extra layer of convenience and safety.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

Valasaravakkam’s strategic location is one of its biggest draws. With excellent connectivity to key parts of Chennai through Arcot Road and GST Road and proximity to the Chennai International Airport, residents can enjoy the benefits of seamless travel.

Valasaravakkam’s real estate potential gets a further boost with the upcoming double-decker metro rail, connecting it to key corridors and major IT hubs. The planned metro station promises convenient commutes and increased rental demand, making it an attractive option for both homeowners and investors seeking capital appreciation.

Valasaravakkam is about 12 km from Chennai International Airport via Pallavaram Road. Nexus Forum Vijaya Mall, Gemini Mall, and VR Chennai are leading shopping destinations within 8 km of Valasaravakkam.

The area has several schools of repute and multi-speciality hospitals, making it an ideal choice for end-users.

IT Hub Proximity and Rental Demand

What sets Valasaravakkam apart is its proximity to major IT hubs such as Guindy Industrial Estate, DLF IT Park, and Olympia Technology Park, all within a 10km radius. This proximity translates to high rental demand from IT professionals, making it an ideal choice for those looking to capitalize on rental yields.

Affordability and Potential for Capital Appreciation

While property prices in Valasaravakkam are on the rise, they still remain relatively lower than in central Chennai. This affordability factor positions Valasaravakkam as a hotspot for potential capital appreciation. Investors can seize the opportunity to enter a growing market before prices surge further.

ROI Insights

Predicting the exact return on investment (ROI) is challenging, but historical trends suggest consistent capital appreciation in Valasaravakkam. Rental yields typically range between 2.5% to 4%. For those considering an investment, prioritizing projects with quality amenities and proximity to public transport and commercial areas enhances rental potential and resident satisfaction.

Radiance Majestic in Valasaravakkam emerges as a beacon of opportunity for real estate investors. With its strategic location, developing infrastructure, and affordability compared to central Chennai, it presents a compelling case for those looking to make a smart investment. However, like any investment decision, conducting thorough research, assessing personal financial goals, and understanding specific property details are crucial steps towards a successful venture in Chennai’s real estate market.

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