Smart apartment for smart living

We live in a world that is highly dependent on technology, so much so that smartphones have now become imperative to stay connected. New age homes are heading in the same direction. Apartment owners are exploring the latest technology to add comfort and luxury to houses like never before. And thanks to the evolving technology, today you can control every aspect of your home with just a simple touch, making technology a key part while furnishing your house.

Bedrooms and Living

When you enter your house, sensor lighting makes the space feel alive. They can be voice controlled or accessed through your smartphone. The built-in wall light dimmer is especially a hit among new apartment owners. Even if you are traveling, you can remotely control your house with a command app. Here, you can adjust the temperature and light fixtures in any room. You can also pre-adjust and schedule thermostats to adjust to your activities throughout the day.


Technological innovation is gaining momentum with bath spaces as new features strive to make the zone suited for overall wellbeing. Starting with a motion sensor soap dispenser, digitally controlled showers, waterproof built-in television and more, bathrooms can be turned into an idyllic place to unwind. The motion control faucets are mess free and save water to a great extent. The smart toilets continue to reinvent themselves every year; now, with seat warmers, overflow prevention, automated flushes, and even voice activated Bluetooth music player!

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From state-of-the-art built-in baking ovens to contemporary pantry appliances, home owners take pride in a high-tech kitchen. One of the latest in-demand kitchen features is the angled and wall-mounted chimney, which ensures the air is clean while cooking. Motion sensor garbage bins, high speed toasters, soil sensor dishwashers, WiFi air fryers and smart cooling refrigerators, have made kitchens more accessible and alluring for cooking aficionados.

Home security

For several years now, technology has played a major role in home security. A built-in new home security system today comes with many interesting features including a digital camera equipped with night vision, cloud storage, infrared light, AI human detection, and sensor monitoring of doors and windows. Keep a watch on your home from anywhere in the world. To keep your home secure, a smart home lock with access pin and fingerprint is also a viable option– something that you can share with just your family and expected guests. These systems can be interconnected, so on the slightest disturbance you will be alerted on your smartphone immediately.

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Today there are several smart products that homeowners can utilise in order to turn their humble abode into a sleek and smart home. With each day, these technological features will only continue to advance and it’s vital that we are prepared to welcome the smart future.