How To Buy Villas in Chennai 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

How to Buy Villas in Chennai

Are you looking to invest in a space of your own? A beautiful villa maybe? Villas give the best of both worlds to a homeowner, whether it is the community feel of an apartment or the personal space of an individual house. Over the last decade, Chennai has seen a surge in beautiful villas in both luxury and budget categories. Since it involves one’s lifetime savings it is important to be careful and be considerate about the amount being paid. With an increase in demand for villas in recent times, there are several cases of unfair practices. But while making the investment it is important to consider several important aspects.

Step 1 – Research 

Before you start your process of investing in real estate, do a thorough research of what you are looking for in a property. Make a pros and cons list as to what are the key components you are looking for in a villa. Also, make a note of what makes it different from buying an apartment or an individual house, as this will help you zero in on your decision.

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Step 2 – Set a budget

Consolidate all your finances to know what is the best budget you can work with for the villa. The budget should include the real estate cost, registration of the property and interiors. Re-fixing the budget will help you keep track of your expenditure and in case of any variation, you can reel it in accordingly.

Step 3 – Location

One of the more important aspects to check while buying a villa is the location. Many of the villas in Chennai are located outside the main city, but as the city is greatly expanding, the infrastructure around these projects is considerably improving. Ideally, visit the area to get a better idea of the location and understand the basic services around the area such as hospitals, supermarkets, educational institutes and transportation facilities.

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Step 4 – Builder Research

This is probably the most important step as a builder’s record in Chennai will forecast the project’s future. Do a thorough research of the builder’s real estate history and understand basic services such as delivery of projects, budgeting, amenities provided, your benefits as a homeowner etc. Taking support from a legal person or a real estate agent will help you through documentation and understand the property better.

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With a beautiful view and state of the art architecture, Radiance Lake Front is one of the premium villas in Chennai. The project offers 30 townhouses and villas that are in close proximity to some of the top shopping malls, IT companies, banks, hospitals and schools in OMR. Spread across 1.4 acre gated community has 3 BHK houses that range from 2,138 sq ft to 2,645 sq ft. The amenities here include swimming pool, lounge, gymnasium, clubhouse and indoor games room.

Step 4 – Amenities 

While doing the property inspection look for all the amenities that the project comes with. While it may give the feel of an individual house, what makes villas unique are the facilities it comes with. These days most villa projects in Chennai have attractive amenities including club house, swimming pool, gym, play area and more. These are an added bonus to consider while buying a villa.

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