Radiance Earth Day - 2018

Building and maintaining a legacy of trust over 70 successful years by a corporate entity is no mean achievement. And very justifiably calls for a celebration. What makes the entity stand apart and taller among its peers, is the thought and deed, with which this notable milestone is celebrated.

Radiance Group as it steps in to its 8th decade, recalls with gratitude, the support it had received from its customers, associates and well-wishers. As it behoves a responsible citizen, Radiance has decided to celebrate this achievement by planting 70 saplings in and around their projects in various parts of Chennai.

At Radiance, care and concern for the environment is not just a slogan to be voiced. It is an actionable edict which is followed in letter and spirit at every level. For instance, in every Radiance project, allocating adequate open green space is mandatory.

And this is not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because green spaces and trees are our lungs without which living in a concrete jungle is unhealthy and unsustainable in the long run.


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