About us

Our Company

The Manian family is at the heart of Radiance Realty. In 1949 they established NAPC, a leading construction company in Chennai, India and the Middle East. In 2012, NAPC Properties evolved to become Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd.

A Combination of the Energy and Tenacity of Youth and the solid dependability of the Old, Radiance Realty is Headed by Varun Manian. His Focus and Vision are what drive Radiance Realty to consistently push the bar in order to evolve into the Best Property Developers in India.

Built on the pillars of Quality and Integrity, Radiance Realty is the edifice that emphasises on delivering the highest possible standards to its customers.

Our Values

The Corner Stone of Radiance is the Value System. Each of these Values are carefully woven into every decision that is taken at Radiance Realty and reflects the Care and Commitment with which each Project is approached and executed.

Customer satisfaction: Through a Combination of Transparency, Quality and Timely Delivery Radiance Realty constantly pushes the envelope in order to achieve 100% Customer satisfaction and are always willing to go the extra mile for Customers.

Safety: Safety in Construction is neglected in India. Radiance Realty takes utmost care to ensure the Safety of employees as well as Customers. Special care is taken from construction to the final stages of development so that each Property is Truly Safe.

Quality: Radiance Realty takes great pride in the quality of Projects and continuously strive for Improvement. The Quality of construction truly sets Radiance Realty apart and has been appreciated by both customers as well as Key Bodies of Authority.

Integrity: Radiance Realty is equally committed to all Stakeholders— Customers, Joint Venture Partners, Employees and Vendors.


The 70 year old construction heritage including working for demanding MNCs has resulted in the development of a Core Philosophy that is driven by the Tenets of Safety and Quality. The Firm has its own construction team which ensures Timely Delivery while maintaining the Safety and Quality.

Once a Building is ready for occupation the Interior Design team at Radiance Realty is there to furnish it to your taste. Once you move in, the Home Solutions and Facility Management teams will look after everything, leaving you free to focus on the other aspects of life.

Varun Manian

Managing Director

A Business Graduate from New York University, Varun is the quintessential "Ideas Man." A Chennai native, he chose to work and live in Chennai over a career at an International Investment Firm.

As a Truly Cosmopolitan native of the city, Varun understands the Global yet Traditional psyche of Chennai's Residents and what they look for when they invest in living spaces. His perception coupled with his dedication and focus are at the heart of Radiance. His passion and drive for excellence ensure that no stone is left unturned in Radiance’s pursuit of New Heights.

As the Torch Bearer of the Manian family legacy he is focused on consolidating Radiance Realty’s position as one of the most prominent Real Estate Developers in Tamil Nadu.



Building and maintaining a legacy of trust over 70 successful years by a corporate entity is no mean achievement..



Radiance Genie is a unique CSR program initiated by Radiance. Central to the initiative is the idea of the Genie..



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