Radiance Realty is a Real Estate Construction Firm in Chennai, built on Tradition and Legacy; driven by the Verve and Vigour of Youth. A Formidable Force in Indian Real Estate with a Nationwide presence dedicated to creating Premium Housing Solutions designed for the 21st century, Radiance Realty is a firm that passionately cares about exceeding the Customer’s Expectations.

As Property Developers in Chennai, Radiance Realty aims to provide customers with Homes that feature the Latest Amenities and Modern Designs.

Each Project is designed and built on a Strong Foundation of Innovation, Perfection and Exuberance. Radiance Realty focuses on delivering Luxurious Lifestyle Options that are suited to the Modern Homeowner. With over 50 years of experience in the Real Estate segment, Radiance Realty has been a part of many New Beginnings and hopes to be a part of yours as well.

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Making it a better place to live with home automation

How convenient would it be if we entered our homes after a long day and the water heater is already switched on and to top that - at the right temperature for a nice warm bath?



Can an NRI apply for a Housing Loan to buy a property in India? Yes, an NRI can avail a housing loan in India.



  • Home is the place to stay together with our family. My dream home is the home that has complete facility and a wide garden for the wellbeing of my family. Radiance has completely taken care of my requirements and offered the most apt apartment keeping in mind the safety and security of each of us. I am happy to have booked this apartment and feel valued to be a part of the Radiance Homeowner. (Mandarin)

    Sridhar Subramaniam

  • I am a Retired person who wanted to have a house near a water body. Radiance Lakefront Townhouse fulfilled this desire and the house has plenty of space for Tables and Chairs so that when the weather is fine, my family can sit outside to have a meal or read the newspapers. There is a lovely lake by the house which soothes our minds with the pleasant view. (Lakefront)


  • After a long search for a property in OMR, we finally selected Radiance Shine Project. The Sales team guided us through the sale process and had given us true and reliable information which enabled us to select our Home. Now we have moved and are living in Shine. The living is so far so good and the support being provided by CRM team is very good. Would like to give our appreciation to the team which are present in the Shine Site.

    Venkateswara Varma

  • With the help of Radiance, I bought my first home all on my own at the age of 23!! The Radiance staff were extremely professional and helped me all through the process of purchasing a home at Radiance Shine. I love my new house and will surely recommend Radiance to my friends and colleagues!

    Ashish Gautam

  • I had several queries when I visited Radiance Shine and the team at Radiance answered each one with a lot of patience. I love the facilities on offer at Radiance projects and the construction quality is top notch! This is just the beginning of a strong relationship with Radiance and I hope it lasts for years to come!

    K.V Mahudeesvaran

  • I purchased an apartment at the Radiance Shine Project and I’m truly satisfied with the service. The apartments looked splendid and the finishing was impressive. Also, the staff prioritized customer service and were highly hospitable in their approach. All thanks to Radiance, I now have a beautiful house!

    Mukunthan K

  • Thanks to Radiance, we are now proud owners of two flats at the Radiance Shine Project. We took a chance with Radiance after seeing how other builders in OMR were unable to deliver flats on time. Radiance did not disappoint us as they adhered to their schedule and handed out our flats on time. The staff was highly committed and sent us regular updates on the progress of the project. Thanks Radiance for all your support and a wonderful house!

    R Swaminathan

  • I am currently in the process of purchasing a home from Radiance Realty at their Lakefront project. As an NRI, it's tough to find a reliable property developer or agent to help us through this journey and we were fortunate to find Radiance. They are transparent and reliable. Their pleasant team keeps us posted on the progress of the development process, allowing us to relax. They accommodate my tight schedule when I wish to visit, which speaks volumes of their dedication. Thank you, Radiance.

    Dr. Deepan

  • I recently purchased an apartment at Radiance Shine and I’m truly pleased with the quality of service. The apartment is well-constructed and the finishing is impressive. Also, the staff were professional and our flat was delivered within the promised timeframe. Overall, the service was highly praiseworthy and I hope our relationship lasts for years to come!

    Kajal Dhanwani

  • Thanks to Radiance, I now own a splendid apartment at Radiance Shine. The floor plan is carefully designed and the project location is just right. Moreover, our interaction with the Radiance staff was hassle-free and the ambience was pleasant on all fronts. Thanks Radiance and wish you success in all your future endeavours!

    Radha Vijaykumar

  • Radiance helped me buy a beautiful apartment at Radiance Shine. We had a very healthy interaction with the staff and they cleared all our doubts effortlessly. Overall the service is highly satisfactory and I will probably recommend Radiance to my family and friends!

    J Dinesh Kumar

  • I purchased a breath-taking apartment at Radiance Shine. The construction quality is top- notch and the apartment finishing is flawless. Also, the marketing department is very helpful and gave valuable investment guidance to clients. The staff also kept us updated on the progress of the project through e-mails. Overall, I’m satisfied with the service and I’m willing to recommend Radiance to family and friends!

    Indrani Banerjee

  • I recently purchased an apartment at the Radiance Shine Project and I’m glad I made this choice. Not only is the apartment well-built, but the finishing is exceptional too. Furthermore, the staff was courteous and the service provided was excellent. Thanks Radiance for all your support and a lovely house!

    Umashankar SP

  • Radiance ensured that the project gets completed without compromising on the quality. All teams including the management team invested themselves completely in the execution of this project. The staff is kind and the apartment quality is remarkable. All thanks to Radiance, I now own a wonderful apartment at Radiance Shine!

    Vikas Jadhav

  • I thank Radiance for its timely service delivery and project execution. I have interacted with a lot of builders, but Radiance seems to be the best in this sector. Additionally, customer relationship is prioritized and the sales manager helped us out in all aspects! I’m very happy with my new apartment at Radiance Shine and I wish them all the best for the future!

    Samuel Rajkumar Premsingh

  • We received our townhouse at Radiance Lakefront this week and are thrilled to be moving into our new home. The Radiance team has done an exceptional job and we've had a completely hassle-free experience with them.

    Mrs Revathy and Mr. Balasubramanium

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