Terrace Garden

The concept

The concept of a terrace garden adds more structure to the aesthetics of the environment and also benefits the storm water management and biodiversity. It refills the ground water table and facilitates the rain water harvesting system. In the recent past, the concept of terrace gardens or green roofs has become more prominent given to the striking balance of ecological & economical advantages that come with it. The Go Green motto has pushed major cities to accept this concept and is being adopted across the globe. The demand for green roofs even in apartments has been high given to the many benefits that are attached to this concept. This concept not only contributes to the environment, but also beautifies the terrace space. Having a green roof is seen as a blessing as it can be converted into a private terrace garden or sit-out to entertain guests, exercise or just simply enjoy the luxury of breathing in fresh air while treating the eyes to greenery! These days, terrace gardens are being offered as a regular feature in apartments as the customers/buyers are specific about what they want and are much more conscious of the environment they would desire to live in and demand the luxury of a garden terrace n the convenience of their very own apartment.

Lets Get Started

There are a lot of factors that go into the structuring of a terrace garden. The base comprises of a 2 inch layer of sandy soil topped with permeable paver blocks, overlaid with a uniform grass turf. Maintenance of the green roof comprises of timely termite checks, regular irrigation process, periodic trimming, weeding and constant fertilizing. Water proofing of the terrace is very important. This will ensure that the moist soil does not weaken the walls of the house and also, adding non-porous water proof sheet on the floor of the terrace will ensure extra safety. A good drainage system will help drain the excess water from heavy rainfalls or watering the plants. Selection of plants is limited when choosing them for a terrace garden given to the fact that not all types of plants can grown on the terrace soil. Excessive roots can weaken the ceiling. Bonsai plants may be the right pick given to their size. Decorate your terrace garden the way you would like it. Use of artifacts and small lights can add a lot of structure to the green roof. Avoid the use of flood lights because the amount of heat that they produce will harm the plants. The use of terracotta products is highly recommended to decorate the terrace garden space. Adding a bit of furniture is a must. This will instantly create a lounge effect, hence making it the perfect place to relax or host guests. If the space permits, adding a hammock or lounging sofa would be the perfect plan.


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