Empowering women to buy their own homes

Empowering women by providing a roof over their heads has become one of the vital necessities in today's times. The eventual idea is to provide housing to women, which will give them a sense of security and make them financially independent. If financial independence and owning assets helps build a better tomorrow, then why not! Owning assets supplements as a huge element that will provide security in the later years.

Women earn well and are smart investors; what could be better than investing in property! Owning a property provides capital appreciation and also assures rental income. The decision to invest in real estate is no more only a man's responsibility. Women are also actively involved in taking major decisions when it comes to investing and buying a house. What's pleasantly surprising is that the number of women homebuyers in India is already on the rise.

So ladies, looking to invest in your dream house and spread your wings of independence? Go right ahead, but here are a few things to always remember before taking the leap.

Zero down on the type of house that you wish to purchase. Independent houses, condominiums or townships, these choices are vast. Choose security and amenities with low maintenance costs.

Create a detailed financial strategy to spend on your dream home. By this, we mean that you will need to make an assessment of your potential and already existent finances. The budget with which you wish to buy your dream home must cover all expenses related to it like loan repayment, taxes, utility and other household bills, maintenance costs and insurance premiums.

If you are working with a real estate agent, make sure to work with the right one. And when we say right, we mean reliable.

Make privacy and security your top priority. Look for houses in non-secluded areas with advanced security systems.

Women in India are entitled to benefits while buying their dream home and here are a few that you must to know

Indian banks offer home loans at a lower interest rate for women. It is a popular belief that women are more prompt when it comes to repaying loans and are less likely to default on payments.

Women are allowed to deduct the interest rate paid against the loan, against the net rental value when they rent their house.

In most of the Indian states, the stamp duty for women homebuyers is less. Stamp duty for women is 2% lower than it is for men.

Women are eligible for tax deduction of Rs.2 lakhs on interest paid on home loans.

PM Narendra Modi's 'Housing for All Mission' empowers women to either be co-owners or sole owners of affordable houses. This initiative was to empower women from the low-income households as well.

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