Making it a better place to live with home automation

How convenient would it be if we entered our homes after a long day and the water heater is already switched on and to top that - at the right temperature for a nice warm bath?

Imagine if all the devices that you use in your daily life were connected to the Internet! By this, it does not just mean computers and smartphones, but also doorbells, cameras, lights, clocks, windows, window blinds, speakers, cooking appliances, air conditioners, water heaters, and many more! Wait, it does not end here. What if these devices could send and reciprocate to your command?

We can make this an affordable luxury for you - you can control appliances and dictate instructions while being away. Home automation operates on the latest technology called 'internet of things'. This process automatically controls all electronic devices in a house through wireless communication and works on sensors and controlling devices. The sensors detect light, temperature and motion, and pass on the information received to the main controlling devices. The controllers are mainly our personal devices such as our computers or smart phones.

What's more? Because you set threshold levels for consumption on all your devices there is guaranteed energy saving. Your monthly electricity bills will reflect the effect of an optimized and automated home system. This assures you return on your investment.

The security feature is one of the key highlights of a home automated system. You can lock up everything on your way to work with the touch of a single button. If you're so busy and you tend to forget, your home can let you know that with a quick reminder.

Forgotten keys episodes are sure to disrupt your day. With remote control (through your smart phones or laptops) doors can be unlocked - plus a video doorbell to authenticate guests and delivery people can give you peace of mind.

Why choose home automation when you have help at home or people back home who can actually do this manually you may ask! Here's why - The home automation system alerts the use to events that you might want to know about while you are away. These events may be water leaks, smoke detection, fire alerts, unexpected access into your home, or just anything that is unpleasant. In case any of these mishaps take place, you can immediately take charge of the situation by changing the settings through your smart phone or laptop.

Owning a house of your own feels a bit like falling in love? It's easy to see why. It is a place where you get to unwind and make memories with people you love.

While spending so much money and time in a place like that - why not make it convenient and comfortable for your daily routines. Let your home give you a warm welcome every day, with the lights turned on, temperature adjusted to your preference and safe every step of the way.


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