Why should I go in a plot of land

I was asked this question recently by a vociferous proponent of ‘it makes sense to buy apartments rather than plots’. He did wax eloquent and gave several reasons for shunning plots and going confidently for built-up homes. A few other friends came in support of buying plots, till the conversation turned in to a sort of Pattimandram – Magizhchi kodupathu -- Plotta? Flatta? While at the end, all of us agreed that the choice of plots versus built homes would have to be exercised on a case to case basis and trying to enunciate a universal rule would be a wasted effort, let me list a few pros for buying a plot of land.

If I am very particular about how my home should be - the size, the layout, open area etc - there is no way I am going to look at an apartment complex. I would buy a plot and construct my home as I want.

Again, if am a person who wants an independent home and hates to live in an apartment complex, I have two choices – either to buy such a built home (unlikely I will find one exactly like what I want) or buy a plot and build such a home.

What if I am looking at buying property as an investment?

Plots are generally cheaper than built or under construction homes Over the years, the building starts losing resale value, but a plot can only appreciate.

A plot needs hardly any maintenance, while a building requires regular maintenance for it to retain its value. (As a matter of fact, when a relatively old building is sold, the value is determined mainly by the land) But to be fair to the opposition, let me list out a couple of cons.

If you let your plot in an uninhabited and isolated area lie vacant for quite some time, it could become a haven for anti-social elements and squatters with political clout and evicting them could be unpleasant to say the least.
And when the actual construction starts you will realise it is a full-time job and quite demanding.

But overcoming the cons is not impossible, especially if you go in for developed plots. For example, take the case of Radiance Jade Garden. True to its name it symbolises bountiful good fortune for the owner as these ready to build developed plots hold the promise of accelerated appreciation of the land, given its strategic location on an important industrial corridor. Right on the six-lane highway -- Mannivakkam Vandalur Oragadam Road connecting Chennai to the already bustling with activities industrial hub of Oragadam.

Radiance Realty, known for its meticulousness and customer centricity will ensure full-fledged civic infrastructure and security of the plot. Moreover, should you choose to build your dream home at some point, Radiance Realty’s expertise is at your service.

That gets rid of the more important cons against plots. I rest my case.

Partial List of Project Highlights

• Located on the fast developing Vandalur – Oragadam 6 lane high way

• Sprawling 9.58 acres with 195 plots ranging from 514 sq.ft. to 2436 sq.ft.

• Amenities – many of them firsts - Jade Kiddo Planet - Kids Play Area, Joggers Jade - Jogging Track, Jade Refuel - Fitness Centre, Jade Volley Shack - Volley Ball Court, Jade Power Pitch - Cricket Ground, Jade Fest - Party Lawn, Jade Game Seven - Basket Ball Court, Jade Yoga Universe - Yoga Zone, Jade Gramp Corner - Senior Citizens Corner, Jadeite - Gazebo

The best in infrastructure and landscaping

Street Lights Storm Water Drain Black-Top Road Grand Entrance Arch Service Piping Avenue Trees Well Planned OSR and Amenities

Why should I go in a plot of land

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