Radiance Genie in Kerala

It was an item of news that a few days ago, a terrible monsoon hit Kerala causing destruction that no Keralite has ever imagined. In the course of this unpleasant event, about 373 people lost their lives, over 280,679 were injured. Places like Kodungallur, Puthenvelikara, Edathirinji and 12 other districts were on red alert, and the people were evacuated.

This tragic incident leads to various events like floods and landslide. Water entered the houses of many, submerged some and destroyed the livelihood of the citizens. Thirty-five out of the forty-two dams within the state were opened for the first time in the century. Havoc and chaos filled the state that served as a therapy for many. While the people in Kerala suffered the entire nation united together for their rescue.

People from different parts of the country coordinated with the affected people and helped in rescue operations. Radiance Realty from Chennai were one of the first organizations to volunteer and help people. Social media being a potent tool to communicate, they used their social media pages to collect relief materials from people. With the help of many and their strong will to help those in need they gathered materials like tarpaulin sheets, Dettol, Mineral Water, medicines, plastic buckets, diapers, towels, blankets, sanitary pads, milk powder for kids, mosquito repellents, packed food, energy bars, etc. and transported it to Kerala. The team targeted locations that severely affected due to heavy rains and had not received help until then.

That said, they even took care of the voiceless by rescuing pets and providing them with food and medicines. The operation was conducted in the location like Kodungallur, Puthenvelikara, and Edathirinji. The team helped about 10,000 people reach shelters.

When questioned on why they did this as an organization, they replied: In unity, we find strength. An exact phrase that saved the lives of so many.

Radiance Genie in Kerala

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