With real estate prices skyrocketing and standard of living reaching the optimum levels, it's not as easy to own that dream villa we painted in our drawing books, overlooking the sea. However, owning a space of your own is a luxury in the modern world. You may have to compromise on the space but you don't need to let go off your dream decor. With these tricks, you can add an illusion of larger space to your smaller apartment.

Buy a King Size bed

Sounds unusual? It sure does! Why would you buy a king size bed if you want to save space? One of the most important aspects of building a home, is to have enough storage space. When you invest in a king size bed, get one with storage compartment underneath. If you make use of this compartment, you don't have to lose space by buying another storage unit.

Mirrors on the wardrobe

There are two tricks in one here! When you get mirrors done on your wardrobe units, you don't have to buy a dressing table and the mirrors on the closet doors will do the trick. In smaller bedrooms, mirrors can also create an illusion of a larger space!

Doors & Windows in the kitchen

It can get claustrophobic if you don't have enough air or light when cooking. Add a door or a large window to your kitchen and keep it open as you dish out some scrumptious food. Fresh air, some sunlight and the view will help add the much need nature's relief. It also makes your kitchen amalgamate with the view outside the window.

Roof windows

If your kid's bedroom, attic or the study has less space, adding a roof window will not only give an infinite sky view which in turn gives a sense of bigger space, but will also save your humongous power bills. Natural light coming in all day is great for your monthly bills!

Install a kitchen peninsula

It's not often that many of us use a formal dining table for dinner with family. We tend to either sit in front of the TV (as much as we are told by our mothers not to) or grab a bite on the go. However, how to bring in discipline, host guests and still make sure you save space? Install a kitchen peninsula which could be used to chop your veggies, fruits, meat and can also be turned into a dining top when chairs are added.

5 Ways To Optimise-Space

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