Why going with builders is safer than doing it yourself?

Mr. Anand was an elated one cool December evening in 2013. His investments had matured and, over the years, he had saved up enough for his Dream Home. He contacted an Architect, spent months with him while simultaneously looking for a Plot of land within his budget in an area of his liking. After about six months of non-stop site visits, negotiations and endless meetings with the Architects, he finally found a plot and finalized the design. Since then he has been to a couple of Government offices four to five times to register the land in his name. Till date, he is running around trying to get approvals to start work on his Dream Home.

Mr. Anand’s neighbor, Mr. Bhaskar, has also saved up enough to buy his Dream Home. His budget is the same as Mr. Anand’s. Mr. Anand’s advice to him was to build his own Home. He weighed the pros and cons and decided to buy a Row House in a gated community promoted by a good Developer and Builder. He saw a show Flat in December 2013 and booked the one he liked. Mr. Bhaskar got the keys to his Dream Home in March 2015, in just under one-and-a-half years.

Though the story of the two neighbors isn’t factual, there are thousands who can relate to, and often identify with, it. The reasons are pretty obvious to anyone who has had to deal with the Government and Municipal offices.

Despite new schemes to make building houses easier in Chennai, the daunting task of navigating complex Paperwork and Liaisoning with the authorities is no task for the faint-hearted, restless or the working executive. 


Caught in permissions and paperwork

The Chennai Municipal Corporation launched in August 2013 a ‘green channel’ for building approval and planning permission in the 15 zones of the city whereby building permits for ordinary Buildings with ground plus one floor or stilt plus two floors are to be issued in seven days. The same year they also launched a web portal to apply for and track building permissions. The fact is, none of the measures have reduced the crowding at CMDA offices in Chennai or the CCMC offices in Coimbatore. According to Contractors and Consultants, though the land is a great Investment at the moment, if you plan to build something yourself, it’s a painstaking process. “You get caught up in the web of Submissions, Permissions, Inspections, Connections and Signatures,” a Krishna Shetty, a Project Consultant with a leading Infrastructure Company said. “And not only for construction of the building, you have to go through more Corridors and Desks for Electricity, Water, and Sewage too. And once the House is complete, you need to do it all over again to get a completion certificate and registration of your Flat.”


Time Consuming

According to World Bank Group’s Doing Business portal, it takes a month to get a planning permission from the CMDA and another 45 days to get the building permission from the CMC. A permanent electricity connection takes 45 days on average while a permanent water connection is likely possible in 30 days. The final completion certificate inspection takes 15 days after the submission of completion request and the final certificate is issued after 21 days of the final inspection report.


Why worry?

The long drawn and complex procedures of a Building are not for the busy 21st-century family. The smart family will let the Builder handle the Complexities and Permissions Conundrum while they witness the steady progress of their dream home. Opting to invest faith in a Builder not only saves them the trouble of running from pillar to post and attending to each minor details of the Papers submitted, it also results in faster delivery of their Homes which translates into financial savings. As it becomes the builder’s job to make sure all Papers, Safety Measures, and Permissions are in place before handing over possession to you, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your Dream Home.


The writer is a Coimbatore based realty consultant. She can be contacted at

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