Radiance Genies - Making Dreams Come True

Radiance Realty is not just determined to build better Homes but also to reach out to those in need through our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative – Radiance Genie.


Radiance Genie is a unique CSR program designed on the concept of a Genie — a being that makes dreams come true. Radiance Genies come together to help out for a cause. While the initiative is helmed by Radiance Realty, anyone who would like to volunteer is welcome to be a part of the initiative.


While focusing on giving back to society in every possible way, Radiance Genies take several small steps every few months and make sure their help reaches as many people as possible. Each initiative is therefore aimed at supporting different communities.


In the year 2015, the Radiance Genies focused on Education and Community Responsibility and successfully brought smiles on thousands of faces. The two most notable initiatives in 2015 were:




In October 2015, the #RadianceGenies donated to the Tribal Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with marginalized communities. The profits collected by this foundation go towards building a Youth Center for at-risk youth from marginalized communities.

One morning #RadianceGenies paid these children a visit along with necessary stationery required at schools such as art materials, school books, story books, coloring books and much more. They played, ate and clicked selfies together. At the end of the day, the Genies not only came back with memories but also helped make the future of so many children, just a little brighter.



Community Responsibility


Charity begins at Home. There was no planning involved here, because when your people are in trouble there’s no thinking. When Chennai was affected by heavy rainfall, the spirit of the city was unwavering but people were deprived of basic necessities. Radiance Genies were quick to heed the call to action. They not only made sure that all our employees received every help they needed but went above and beyond to help those who stay in the remote areas.

#RadianceGenies set out with drinking water, food and other essential supplies for over 4000 people. The team beamed with pride to have reached out to so many helpless people in such a short span of time.


This year Radiance Genies aim to expand horizons and reach out to many more causes.


If you wish to be part of this initiative, take your first step towards helping the community by calling on 91710 11111 and becoming a Radiance Genie. 

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