A helping hand for chess champ

10-year-old R. Praggnanandha is the world's youngest international chess master and holds a record that beats five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand. He will soon be travelling to Russia and Denmark to participate in the international chess tournaments and has a fair chance of becoming the youngest grandmaster in the world.

However, this was a distant dream for young Praggnanandha and his father Ramesh Babu. As a sport, chess is the least expensive, but arranging funds to fuel his son's dreams kept Ramesh Babu worried.

He was starting to lose hope when Varun Manian, Managing Director of Radiance Realty stepped in as an angel is disguise. Mr. Manian has always been keen about sports, his initiative Radiance Sports focuses on the overall development of young sports enthusiasts. A philanthropist dedicated to social causes, Mr. Manian is always on the lookout for budding talent in the sports field and helps them whenever he can.

As soon as he learned about young Praggnanandha's plight he arranged a meeting with his parents and presented monetary help. Moreover, his encouragement boosted Praggnanandha's morale, giving him the encouragement he needed to realise his dreams and aim for the stars. An ecstatic Ramesh Babu said, "The amount is no small money and I'm grateful to Radiance and Mr Varun Manian."

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