We at Radiance Realty believe that Our Association with You is for a Life Time. Hence Our Services are not limited to just selling you Real Estate in Chennai. We think of you as a Lifelong Guest and want to be available to assist you in any way possible.

We do not limit what we can do for you by providing Residential Spaces alone but understand your needs and provide you with a suite of services designed to maximise the Homeowning experience with Radiance Realty.

Our Concierge Service is available to you at the click of a button to provide you with the following services.


When you choose to purchase Real Estate in Chennai from Radiance Realty, We Endeavour to make sure that the process is as Easy and Hassle-Free as Possible. We understand that purchasing a Home is a Huge Step and One that deserves Respect and Finesse. Our suite of Concierge and NRI services are designed to provide you Easy and Convenient access to the Lifestyle you Aspire to have.

While some of these services are largely relevant for NRI Home Buyers, each of these Services is Available to all Radiance Property Homeowners. They ensure that your experience with us at Radiance Realty is as Beautiful as the Memories you Create in your New Home.

Assistance in Renting

Rent Collection

Insurance Assistance

Advice on local Property Laws

Assistance with Banks

Property Portfolio Management

Payment and recording of Property Tax, water tax and more.

Periodical visits in case Apartment is used by elderly relatives

Senior Citizens Centre & crèche

Periodical inspection of apartments and housekeeping ( Internal maintenance)


Your Home is a work of Art and deserves to look its very Best. This is why We offer Premium Interior Solutions, so that your Home is finely Crafted to Perfection. From quality fittings to the very best in Home Décor including a Modular Kitchen, Furniture and Wallpaper, each element in your Radiance Home is chosen with the utmost care and attention based on your Budget.

Modular Kitchen




False Ceilings



Creating the Perfect Home is just the Beginning of a Homeowner’s Journey. We understand the Love and Care with which you maintain your Home. Which is why We at Radiance offer Home Solutions, making it Easy and Convenient for you to make sure that your Home always looks its Best. From Housekeeping Services to Ancillary requirements such as Car washing and Pest control, our complete suite of Home Solutions ensure that maintaining your Living Space is a Breeze.

House Keeping

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning






Pest Control

Car Wash


A Safe and Secure Facility not only makes a great first impression but also makes you feel protected. At Radiance Realty, We promise Quality Facility Management Services so that your Home is Beautiful Inside and Out. From Security Services to protect you to Property and Landscape Maintenance, Our Range of Facility Management Services are designed to ensure that your Radiance Home is faultless.

Property Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

WTP & STP Maintenance



The Address is a unique property management service by Radiance Realty. At the heart of this offering is our belief that anyone can build a house but it takes expertise, trust and a strong team to build long term relationships with your customers.

‘The Address’ is designed to offer relief and assistance to those customers who stay away from their property. No matter which part of the world you reside in, you can trust our experienced hands to manage your property. Our professionals will manage the property on your behalf while you chase your dreams. Right from screening the right tenants for your flats for rent in Chennai to signing agreements, paying bills, property tax and conducting maintenance work, we will do all of that and more.

We will display your property on multiple channels where potential tenants and buyers will view your property in the rental and resale flats in Chennai section. With our wide expertise about the current market rate, we will ensure that your property earns the maximum returns possible. Professional service, cutting edge technology and a highly proactive management team ensure unmatched service. We look forward to establishing a trusted long term relationship with you.

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